Award Winners

Young Investigator Award
Yearsort icon Award Winner Description
2015 Jeremy N. Munday For pioneering contributions to plasmonic and photonic light-trapping in solar cells. YI.pdf
2014 Ertugrul Cubukcu "For contributions to photonics beyond the diffraction limit with nanoantenna-based devices and sensors." _ Cubukcu.pdf
2013 Alexandra Boltasseva For seminal contributions to the development of metal-dielectric waveguides for integrated optics and novel approaches for realization of nanoplasmonic devices.
2012 William Green For contributions in CMOS integrable, highly scaled, Silicon Nano-Photonics, and pioneering Silicon Photonics for mid-infrared applications and non-linear-optics.
2011 Hatice Altug For contributions on nanoplasmonics and integrated nanofluidics for biological sensing and spectroscopy.
2010 Sander Lars Jansen For pioneering contributions in optical OFDM for fiber-optic transmission systems.
2009 Aydogan Ozcan For his pioneering contributions to non-destructive non-linear material characterization techniques, near-field and on-chip imaging and diagnostic systems.
2008 Jose Azana For pioneer contributions on innovative ultra-fast optical pulse processing techniques, particularly temporal self-imaging (Talbot) effects, using all-fiber grating technologies.
2007 Randy Bartels For pioneering contributions to ultrafast molecular photonics and photonic reagent control of quantum systems on an unprecedented time-scale.