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H. Scott Hinton, LEOS President, recognized the winners of the 2004 LEOS awards and several of our volunteers for their service to the Society. The awards were presented during the Awards Ceremony at the LEOS Annual Meeting in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

The IEEE/LEOS William Streifer Scientific Achievement Award was presented to Yasuhiko Arakawa, “for pioneering contributions to quantum confinement effects in semiconductor lasers and the development of quantum dot lasers.”

The Engineering Achievement Award was presented to Marina M. Meliga “for pioneering work on the development of semiconductor lasers and for the design and development of uncooled DFB lasers for datacom applications.”


The Aron Kressel Award was presented to Christoph Harder on behalf of Eberhard Latta, Volker Graf and himself, “for pioneering contributions to high-reliability, high-power telecommunications pump lasers.”


The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Gordon Day, “for outstanding dedication and enthusiasm in leading LEOS, with special commitment to LEOS’ financial health.”

Board of Governors
Christoph Harder, Patrick Iannone, Byoung Yoon Kim, and Kristian Stubkjaer were recognized for their service on the LEOS Board of Governors.

(left to right: Christoph Harder, Patrick Iannone, and Byoung Yoon Kim)

(left to right: Silvano Donati and I. C. Khoo)

Vice Presidents
Silvano Donati (VP Membership – Europe/Mid-East/Africa) and I. C. Khoo (VP Technical Affairs) were recognized for their service to the Society.
The 2004 Graduate Student Fellowship winners attending the Annual Meeting to accept their awards.

Roel Baets (Benelux)

Paul Juodawlkis (Central New England)

Yoshiaki Nakano (Japan)

Chapter Awards
The Chapter-of-the-Year was awarded to the Moscow Chapter. The award for Largest Membership Increase was presented to the Benelux Chapter. The award for the Most Improved Chapter was presented to Central New England Chapter. And the Japan and Ottawa Chapters shared the award for the Most Innovative Chapter.
Receiving the awards are Roel Baets (Benelux), Paul Juodawlkis (Central New England) and Yoshiaki Nakano (Japan) accepted the awards for their chapters.

(left to right: Ashok Krishnamoorthy and Yong Hee Lee)

Distinguished Lecturers
G. D. Khoe recognized John Paul Raj David, Ashok Krishnamoorthy, Yong Hee Lee, and Daniel Mittleman, who completed their commitments as LEOS Distinguished Lecturers.

(left to right: David Dahan, Shijun Xiao, Sung Woong Park, Pedram Dashti, Bojan Resan, Milan Masanovic, Borja Vidal, Muzammil Arain, Olufemi Dosunmu, Changyuan Yu, and Alejandra Zapata)

LEOS Staff at the 17th LEOS Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico.

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