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ICO Prize 2006 goes to Hideyuki Sotobayashi
ICO established in 1982 the ICO Prize, to be given annually to an individual who has made a noteworthy contribution to optics, published or submitted for publication before he or she reached the age of 40.
The proposal of the ICO Prize Committee for the year 2006 has been to deliver it to Dr. Hideyuki Sotobayashi, a Senior Researcher at the Advanced Communications Technology Group, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan. This proposal was unanimously approved by the ICO Bureau held in Saint Petersburg (Russia) last September 2006. The award citation reads: “The ICO Prize for the year 2006 is given to Dr. Hideyuki Sotobayashi in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the areas of optics communications, optical fiber technologies and new photonic devices. These achievements were done as a researcher younger than 40 years old (as per December 31, 2006)”.

ICO Galileo Galilei Award 2006 goes to Mohammed M. Shabat
The Galileo Galilei medal of ICO was established in 1993 to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of optics which are achieved under comparatively unfavorable circumstances. For the year 2006 the recipient of the award is Prof. Mohammed M. Shabat from the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG), Gaza Strip (Palestine). The citation of the award reads: “For his outstanding scientific contributions in the area of theoretical and electromagnetic optics, which were accomplished under comparative unfavorable circumstances as defined on the award call and for his relevant work for the organization of optics and photonics activities in Palestine”.

ICO Annual Bureau 2006 was held in Saint Petersburg (Russia) at the occasion of the ICO Topical meeting on Optoinformatics/Information Photonics 2006
ICO Bureau meets once every year to discuss and to update all the current programs that ICO has under development and to analyze the possible further activities to be proposed and considered. When the year coincides with the celebration of the General Conference and General Assembly, the Bureau meets in the place where the meeting is held. In addition to these special dates, the Bureau meets usually at the occasion of major ICO meetings. This year, and in coincidence with the ICO Topical Meeting on Optoinformatics/ Information Photonics 2006, the ICO Bureau had its meeting in Saint Petersburg.
It was a two day meeting held at the Research Institute of Optoinformatics of the Saint Petersburg State University of Information technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO). The ICO is recognizing the warm hospitality and all the technical support provided by ITMO academic authorities for the meeting to be a success. Moreover, Prof. Nikolay Nikonorov, Director of the Research Institute of Optoinformatics was presenting a resume of activities and research lines developed at the Institute, with details on research on optical materials, GRIN media and 3D holography. As a resume, among some of the approved actions ICO will apply dedication to increase its presence in ICSU activities, to enhance the links with industry, to coordinate activities in the areas of optics and photonics with international societies for education and training, and some other actions related to the coordination of the internal organization and the Territorial Committees. Detailed information will be contained on the corresponding Green Book edited by ICO Secretariat at the end of term 2005-2008.
The next ICO Bureau meeting will be held in Cape Coast, (Ghana) at the occasion of the ICO Topical Meeting 2007 on Optics and Laser Applications in Medicine and Environmental Monitoring for Sustainable Development in November 2007.
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