LEOS Awards and Recognitions

During the Plenary Session at the LEOS Annual Meeting in Orlando, Gary Eden, LEOS President, recognized the winners of the 1998 LEOS awards and several of our volunteers for their service to the society.

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Federico Capasso and Jerome Faist received the IEEE/LEOS William Streifer Scientific
Achievement Award, "for the design, demonstration, and pioneering development of the
quantum cascade laser which is revolutionizing the field of mid-infrared semiconductor lasers."

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David F. Welch was the recipient
of this year's LEOS
Engineering Achievement
Award, presented to him
"for the design, development and
commercialization of
high power diffraction limited
semiconductor lasers."







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The LEOS Distinguished Service Award
was presented to Tetsuhiko Ikegami,
"for more than 15 years of exemplary
service to LEOS, through his leadership
as President and his initiatives towards
globalization and the establishment of
CLEO/Pacific Rim." Dr. Okamoto accepted
the award for Dr. Ikegami.






Chapter Awards


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For the second consecutive year,
the LEOS Chapter Chairs have
recognized the outstanding efforts of the
Scottish Chapter by awarding
them "Chapter-of-the-Year." John Marsh,
Chapter Chair 1997-1998,
accepted the award.






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Also for the second consecutive year,
the Orlando Chapter received the
award for "Most Innovative Chapter."
Nabeel Riza, Chapter Chair,
accepted the award.






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Ivo Montrosset accepted the award
for the Italy Chapter, this year's recipient
of the "Most Improved Chapter award."







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The 1997-98 Distinguished Lecturers gave a total of 52 talks at LEOS chapters. Receiving their awards
were James Coleman and Katsunari Okamoto.


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The Spain Chapter realized a 9.5%
growth in membership and was
presented the award for the
"Largest Membership Increase."
Miguel Bautista accepted the award.







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Nan Marie Jokerst, Adelbert Owyoung, Takeshi Kamiya, and Rodney Tucker were
recognized for their service on the LEOS Board of Governors. Jagadish Chennupati
received the award on behalf of Rodney.


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The LEOS ‘97 Best Student Paper
Award was presented to
Vladimir Bulovic, Princeton University,
for his paper on “Surface-emitting
Vacuum-deposited Organic Light
Emitting Device.”






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Receiving recognition for their services to LEOS are Giok-Djan Khoe, VP Membership and Regional Activities
(Europe, Mid-East, Africa), and Alan Willner, VP Technical Affairs.

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