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October 2005

In This Issue...

President’s Column | Editor’s Comments


2005 IEEE/LEOS Summer Topical Meeting on Free Space Communication Techniques for Optical Networks Intro

Free-Space Laser Propagation: Atmospheric Effects

Overview of the Mars Laser Communications Demonstration Project

The Mars Lasercom Terminal

LDES: A Prototype Array Optical Receiver for the
Mars Laser Communications Demonstration Project

Adaptive Optics for Daytime Deep Space Laser Communications from Mars

Earth-Image Tracking in the IR for
Deep Space Optical Communications

1.5-photons/bit Photon-Counting Optical Communications Using Geiger-Mode
Avalanche Photodiodes

Design for a 5-Watt PPM Transmitter for the Mars Laser Communications Demonstration

Geiger-Mode Avalanche Photodiodes
for Photon-Counting Communications

Ultraviolet Comm Links for Distributed Sensor Systems

Compact Laser Transceiver for Mobile Terminals

Free-Space Optical Networks:
Some Capacity Consideration

Highly-Coherent Optical Terminal Design
Status and Outlook

Physical Layer Routing in Free-Space Optical Networks


Awards and Recognition at LEOS 2005

LEOS 2005 Graduate Student Fellowship
Winners Announcement

National Science Spectrum Magazine Announces Top Minorities in Science

LEOS Profile of President-Elect: Alan E. Willner

Tools “How to Give Technical Presentations to Non-Technical Audiences: Part 4

LEOS Italian Chapter Highlights

LEOS Thailand Chapter Highlights

Benefits of IEEE Senior Membership

Call for Papers

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in
Quantum Electronics (JSTQE)

Recognition at CLEO 2005

Conference Calendar

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